Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The most politically oriented, drama-filled, nerve racking, traitor revealing (ok not just traitorship … there’s some real chess skills shown once in a while), genius producing moment of the AUN social calendar is here.

The AUN SGA elections, when you start seeing posters defacing the walls and windows of my beloved (if I hear) university.

The AUN SGA elections, when you will start hearing words like “Reclamation” and see phrases like “If blood must flow, let it be mine” (shout out to my boy AK … how poetically political is that).

The AUN SGA elections, when people who have barely said a word to you all your lives WILL come up to you acting like you have been friends for all ages, asking you for your votes.

The AUN SGA elections, when your boyfriends/girlfriends would ask you to pick between the relationship and TY/Soji … Mansur/Peter … Babalola/Effiong … same story different names.

The AUN SGA elections, when we’ll need all our ‘MALO’ friends. O! Yes, just this once, we’ll really need you. We think you are really smart and need your strategic advantage.

The AUN SGA elections, when the question always comes up; “Are you REALLY going to do all these things?” (Yea baby, I will be faithful to you even when you go on exchange.)

The AUN SGA elections, when you begin to wonder whether the voters even understand what their candidates are saying before the start cheering and whooping out loud.

The AUN SGA elections; when … … … is it just a popularity contest? How will these new guys achieve what the old ones couldn’t? Is this how 9ja’s gonna be when we are in power? (Yes to th@ last question if God doesn’t format our brains in 2012).

You should get the point by now. The decisions we are gonna make are going to shape how your next academic year is going to be on every aspect except academically (actually even academically if we’re gonna be boycotting any more classes). These people are going to try their best to fight for what YOU NEED (need not want). I would want to vote in people who would know how to fight right and achieve results (it’s not all shouting … but getting results). I try my best to steer clear of religious and political debating, but as a soon to be ex-member of the SGA I must say … you better choose wisely y’all. That Betsy bitch is only going to use your next president to execute her plans (she has tasted power, do you really think she’s going to step down without a lil’ Obasanjo stratagem?)

Alright … my instructor’s asking me to come up and explain smth … I will get back to the issues ASAP.



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  1. as per ehn....it's ridiculous...lol
    but fun to watch....