Monday, March 8, 2010

Random Thoughts

It's funny how I havent been on in about a year ... This was meant to be my vent ground.
I've had many many many things I've wanted to post here.

Now that I AM here however let's start with an update.

Over the last 2months, I have ...
1. Met and liked the younger sister of a girl I liked a lot 2years ago. She has the same features (actually bigger). Striking resemblance stuff. I sha convinced myself that it wasnt going to end well. On to the next one

2. Met another chick and had her CHANGE UP on my ass (no1 saw her coming). She still alive. I'm not sure I still have any feelings for her (apart from that jealous pang when I see her with other dudes). We gon be aight tho' ... I have this heart-wrenching speech I'm just dying to give her.

3. Met the one ... that has it going on good ... And she likes me ... And I like her ... And we've had the conversation ... BUT!!! the ever present BUT! She doesn't think she's ready. Hey! I ain't pushing. I'm gonna go with the flow on this one.

So that's on the girl-oriented side. On to the next.

Gossip girl resumes tomorrow ... today in yankee. My tomorrow (6hour lag stuff). 90210 comes the day after. Download boys are getting warmed up. SO I gotta get ma VOLTRON up (blame it on weezy).

Would love to stay here and continue but I'm in french class ryt now. Holla Back ASAP!

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