Monday, March 8, 2010

French Class

The only course I actually look forward to classes in ... Le Francais. Mrs. Arlette Bollou (the instructor) is actually cool. I love her accent. Plus plus ... today in class she said the United Condom instead of the United Kingdom. It was MOMENTOUS. Err1 was laughing their asses off and she dint get. She finally booted about 15mins later and errupted herself.

So onto the language ... I'm gonna buy me some Rosetta Stone and install the French language option.

Btw, hasn't n e 1 noticed that que-est ce que c'est is just a waste of time? Literally it means 'what is this that this is' ... abeg who came up with that as a way of asking 'what is it'.

Still havent learned what the f-word is in french.

Quelle langue parle-tu?

More on French later.


  1. Ne coi pas avec moi....means don't fuck with
    but i hear it changes depending on the context...good ol'

  2. @Chidi thanks for the French lesson! This is going to be so revolutionary! I'm going to say this in all my classes and hope that none of my Professors understand French.