Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Dreamer

They call me the dreamer, styles from beyond

Like fifteen million miles from the sun

I'm out of this world n impossible to reach

Would love to help but it's impossible to teach

My swag ... might call it fly

Let y'all look ... I sky walk by (get it?)

Can call it why (my) flow goes over y'all heads

N if my flow is a river y'all can bank on it right?

True... cuz I got the right plan

Keeping it live, with or without a hype man

Plus I'm well read like a sun-burnt white man

(Small pause) like Obama I can...

They call me the dreamer, but I do it in the day (though')

Can’t sleep not till this music starts to pay (yo!)

The title of Olajuwon Hakeem fits me

Close ur eyes, feel the song and dream with me.

(The dreamer).

This was one of my old rap verses I just thought to put up online.

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