Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Xmas

So it's the 25th of December and depending on where you are right now ... it’s Christmas day.
I haven't blogged in a loooong time so I decided to do something about it. Actually I want to get back into the writing game. I used to be this awesome poet/lyricist/storyteller dude ... and somehow I managed to LAZY all that away ... even rap. RAP!!! My love ... I haven't written a verse in quite a bit. N e ways, I thought I'd say something about Christmas.
All my life I've never liked Christmas that much. Ok that's not true. I loved Christmas till I turned 10 (I think that was when I began to compare my life to other people’s … worst thing ever). Anyway, I realized what xmas had become to me. It was that yearly reminder that I knew people who were rich and connected enough to breeze through countries. Like that (snaps fingers). All these guys had to do was decide where they wanted to go and that was it. Their parents had it covered. I guess the money thing had always been the chip on my shoulder. It’s not like my parents were poor or couldn’t afford it. It’s just money has always been something to be wise with for my folks (I guess that’s a millionaire’s definition of poor anyways). I have since decided I am going to be mind-blowing rich. My children might be a little spoiled. Maybe a lot ... I haven’t decided on a wife yet. Anyways you get my drift. I believe it’s why I’m so talented and all; money one way or another.
I spent almost every Christmas since 10 watching other people enjoy themselves, wondering whether there actually is a reason to be happy and merry. I mean Christmas is a scam. Christ wasn’t even born on Christmas day (to be discussed later). People use this season to make insane sales and money. Everything xmasy about xmas isn’t Christian … I mean who the fuck is Santa Claus in the church history? Exactly! I just see these things and shake my head. Christmas has mostly been about going out to see other people (friends) and getting a break from the world while people delude themselves that they have a reason to celebrate. In truth, it’s just another day in another week, in another month, in one more year. At least till this Christmas it was.
This year, nothing has changed. At least not in the general sense of my Christmases. I’m currently at home, on my bed. This is my general idea for a worst-case scenario when I think about holidays and festivals. Me. At home. No Cyril to hang out with (Cyril’s my immediate elder / twin brother). No idea who’s in town and no plans to go see anyone. This year however, I have made a realization. Christmas was never meant to celebrate Christ’s birthday. It is the celebration of Christ’s birth. While these two may sound like the same thing, I must say they are VERY different. We (I hope) are actually celebrating the idea of Jesus Christ, being born among men. It’s the event, the beginning of man’s salvation, not the date that makes the day special. I guess what I’m saying is for the world to take a moment today to actually do something pure of heart for someone else today (even if it’s getting their drunk asses home safely later tonight). I still haven’t had a Christmas worth remembering, but at least this one taught me something. Hopefully the next will be spent somewhere in Switzerland (don’t ask) with someone worth it, and family of course (… actually, ‘Someone and the Family’ sounds like the name of a sitcom I’m gonna produce later on in life).
So, to the world, merry Christmas 2010. May all your Christmas wishes (wonder who invented that) come true this year. And may we all see the years 2011 – (you know … the year we all individually die).


  1. "And may we all see the years 2011 – (you know … the year we all individually die)."

    You know that's a funny thing to wish people. I mean, it's unnecessary. Of course they're going to live until the years we die.

    Switzerland... I'm not asking. I'm using corner-corner to try to tap gist.

    I also pretty much liked Christmas until around when I was 10. Yep, I had started secondary school by then so my parents decided that my training as a future wife would need to go into overdrive.
    Needless to say it's now the most tiresome of holidays. Only Mass saves it (even though sometimes I don't feel like going *sheepish look*). Anyway, Merry Christmas in arrears.
    Amd I'm still waiting for the Switzerland brief (a think I will write a novel with that title. Has a Ludlum-ish ring to it)...

    Arrive derci!

  2. I am honestly just seeing all your comments ... 9 years later. Reading things my younger self wrote, and realizing how deluded (some may call it wishful) I used to be.