Monday, January 17, 2011

Spring 2011 & SDP

New fucking semester and still the old troubles. Thought I'd be able to get rid of some of this shit. Anyways that's not the main thing I feel like talking about.
I thought I only needed to do Summer I to grad ... WRONG!!! Apparently I did a course that was shitty as hell cuz I din't need to do it. Well now there's Summer II and a posssible Fall 11 in the view (I rebuke that in Jesus' name).
Senior Design Project (SDP).
The SDP is basically the summary of your years in AUN. You partake in a project as a group (or on your own) and then there's a presentation at the end of the semester. I have 2 problems with this however.
1. After my 2nd year I have not been taught anything practical. I have to learn errthing on my own now (PHP, SQL & ORACLE if I have the time). I also have to refresh my JAVA knowledge as I haven't written a program in about a year and a half (and convert some C++).
2. When everyone else was deciding what they were gonna do with their time (probably in their second year), I was chasing freshmen girls. I still have no fucking clue what I wanna do ... have to think of smth ASAP. Btw I wouldn't mind ideas (BELLLOOOWWW!!!).

So while I'm pretty sure that God won't let me let myself remain in skool till Fall 11, I don't wanna fall for the same trick I play on myself (saying it'll all work out in the end). I don tire for AUN o! I wan go for July as a worst case scenario.
Here's to wishing all the instructors I need to be around for Summer II are gna be needing the extra cash this year. (Is it safe to pray they get really broke and need extra cash?)


  1. You could try something that had to do with music. It'd be cool

  2. I kept reading Fall 11 as Fifa 11.
    Gotta cure that addiction.