Monday, January 17, 2011

New Girls

This is a delayed post. Was too busy downloading all the new episodes of the series I watch to post this earlier.
The 1st 2 paragraphs are from last week ... the rest is from today

1. Spring 2011. AUN no try for this freshmen o! There are only 60-smth of them. Boys are always more than girls so that creates an idea of how many of them are female (legally). Using logic (and our Dijkstra's algorithm for identifying fine girls) you can predict how many of them are remarkable facially/physically (fill in the blank). I know I know, eventually their personalities will replace their physical appearances for consideration. But in the meantime (before I get to know em personally) ... AUN no try o!
2. Don't be there judging me about my depth, judging people by how they look because YOU do it too ... you just don't have the guts/stupidity to blog about it (or maybe you do).

I have spoken to a couple of them now and I was right. They are actually really cool (er than the animals that showed up last semester). Kene, Tolu, Annie, Hafsy, Kk (dunno how she got that from Nkechi), Uzo (Daisy, Nneoma, Ada ... this girl has too many fucking names), Steph, Idera, Paulette (an AMAZING dancer), Marvy, Lois (Lane-Hassan), ... , etc. These peeps are actually really cool. Too bad this is my last semester. I'd have loved to get to know 'em better.
I was hanging out with them the other day (I say it like it wasn't yesterday) and they were discussing boys that haven't even resumed yet (Oni-bud-bud & Ezibe holla). These guys are positive and positively bored ... let the games begin.

Just so you know (if you were wondering). I am not running any of them. I can't be doing 18 credits and hustling freshmen (In Shaft's voice: I'm too old for this shit). However if (when) anything is going to happen, it will ... no promises.

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