Thursday, January 20, 2011

E go be le

One of my most sarcasm-based sayings ... e go be le. Just my annoying pidgin way of saying 'later' (e go be later for you). There is one key difference though; when people say later, they mean it. When I say 'e go be le', I'm generally not even thinking about helping you out (sometimes I don't even know this). It's my procrastination speaking to the world. One of my few tells in this world.

Why do I bring this up now?

Interestingly, I was/am in a class (technical report writing) and I need to learn a citation style other than MLA. I say to myself 'better go research this topic ASAP' and myself replies ... you guessed it ... 'e go be le'. What does this mean? Have I already decided that I wanna fail this course?

PS: To all the people that I say 'e go be le' to a lot ... I'm sorry I'm sorry (in Jesus Pascal's voice). I can't help the way I feel about work. It may be a demon.


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