Thursday, January 20, 2011

From the JayNesis

The JayNesis ... my Freshman mixtape that is yet to be completed. It's been derailed by about 7months now. I have been too lazy / tied up to get to the studio. Have written at least 12 songs and not 1 has been recorded. N e waiz I was thinking about the JayNesis and my need to rewrite most of them songs (some topics are time-sensitive and are past season) and thought I'd blog about it.

So ... I'm just gonna post a couple of lines / punchlines I came up with a while back ... in ones and twos. Enjoy: PS: Feel free to leave comments BELOW!!!

- I told her to mimic my ride then I dropped the top
- She must be hella brainy the way she face books
- Treat that attitude like your virginity and lose it already
- They fear me like d virus cuz I'm a baller (ebola)
- I always keep it hard; viagra
- Got that oceanic flow, smth to bank on
- I get mad cheese no photography
- They calling me a beast for the caskets that I've closed
but they should call me priest for the masses I control
- I drop bars like I quit law school

And I know a lot of them punchlines were Over your head like a halo ... I'd like to keep the rest till I release my songs (dental advisory ... don't BITE).

So til lthey JayNesis drops ... #anticipate

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